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XYChess Second Division

Last update 28.01.2017 20:40:02, Creator/Last Upload: malta chess federation

Starting rank

1Camilleri Walter5601886MLT1323
2Attard Stephen5600766MLT1301
3Gauci David5600715MLT1275
4Kreitem Sari11503416PLE1186
5Park Young Ki5602211MLT1102
6Grech Michael5600693MLT0
7Hagberg Carl-Johan5602491MLT0
8Sablovskis Linas5602513MLT0
9Hrycikowski Robert21889732POL0
10Kondo Yoshiyuki5602432MLT0
11Kondo Haruaki5602440MLT0
12Kondo Teruhisa5602424MLT0
13Lubing Huang8621179CHN0
14Malazarte Maire Bernafe5602475MLT0
15Muthamizh Selvan Jacob Solomon5602408MLT0
16 Muthamizh Selvan Keziah Grace5602416MLT0
17Psaila Emanuel5601428MLT0
18Psaila Ocean5602130MLT0
19Ramanathan Mani Mekala5601800MLT0
20Hawk William5602068MLT0