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Malta Junior U-20 Championship 2017

Last update 11.07.2017 09:45:09, Creator/Last Upload: malta chess federation

Starting rank

1Mizzi Steve5601878MLT1612
2Fleri Matthew5602165MLT1517
3Mizzi Jack5602521MLT1491
4Stagno Matteo5602254MLT1464
5Fleri Luke5602173MLT1448
6Pantovic Ema5602327MLT1208
7Stagno Milena5602289MLT1206
8Catania Jake5602351MLT1180
9Pantovic Andrej5602335MLT1076
10Ihebulu Jacob5602319MLT0
11Mallia Thomas5602629MLT0
12Paris Kieran5602556MLT0
13Thornton Hayley5602637MLT0