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XYChess Spring Open A

Last update 04.05.2018 14:05:49, Creator/Last Upload: malta chess federation

Starting rank

1Shinkevich Maksim24176389RUS2135
2Agafonov Yuri Dr11602104LAT2121
3CMPace Colin5600189MLT2116
4WFMBayar Anu4901339MGL2046
5Psaila Clarence5600359MLT2008
6Bilunov Denis B.24202312RUS1980
7Said Oliver5600405MLT1953
8Zenaidi Kais5500206TUN1899
9Psaila Mario5600731MLT1873
10Lombard Olivier5602386MLT1868
11Parker Keith444596ENG1848
12Sapkowska Agnieszka1196391ENG1780
13Alexa Cosmin5601460MLT1774
14Richards John5600030MLT1719
15Baker John5601894MLT1714
16Filipovic Damjan5602076MLT1654
17Motta Jairo4444493COL0