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1st 65th square rapid

Last update 19.04.2018 15:37:37, Creator/Last Upload: malta chess federation

Starting rank

1FMDamnjanovic Radovan912859SRB2262
2Kaehler Arne12909084GER1952
3Schock Kai16217969GER1897
4Stefanovic Bora5600391MLT1783
5Baldacchino Joe5601096MLT1729
6Pala Onurcan6363318TUR1696
7De Caro Giovanni2829717ITA1687
8O'Donoghue DJ5601118MLT1800
9Marinkovic Milan5601797MLT1655
10Otto MoritzMLT1600
11Azzopardi Alfred5601142MLT1555
12Camilleri Marcel5601657MLT1367
13ACMGauci David5600715MLT1293
14Grech Michael5600693MLT1226
15Farah AlbertoMLT0
16Stefanovic DraganGER1941