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Kollam District YMCA Monthly Open Chess Tournament 2018 August On 11-08-2018. Contact Gregory Daniel - 93879 68998

Last update 11.08.2018 13:43:45, Creator/Last Upload: gregory

Starting rank

2Vinod CPIND1705
3Raju JIND1598
4Abdullah M NistharIND1578
5Sreekumar SMIND1526
6Sanil SIND1487
8Unnikrishnan PGIND1462
9Niyas MIND1380
11Sasidharan KIND1258
12Dr. Vinu BhaskarIND1156
13Abhijith JIND0
14Adwaith S VinuIND0
15Amal SIND0
16Anandhu MIND0
17Arun CIND0
18Binu RIND0
19Mohammad AdhnanIND0
20Nafeena SameerIND0
21Nehna SameerIND0
23Shaji SIND0
24Twinkle PrakashIND0