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Kandy District National Youth Blitz Chess Championship - 2018 Under 12 Girls (2006/2007)

Last update 14.09.2018 18:26:47, Creator/Last Upload: l.v.mudalige

Starting rank

1Devasurendra N MSRI0Pushpadana Girls College - Kandy
2Devasurendra N SSRI0Pushpadana Girls College - Kandy
3Devasurendra N SSRI0Pushpadana Girls College - Kandy
4Dharmadasa M P Poojani Chamathi29931614SRI0Good Shepherd Convent - Kandy
5Hapugoda Eshani Yasara9963022SRI0St.Anthonys Girls College - Kandy
6Jayathilake Yenuli Sanuthmi9963138SRI0St.Anthonys Girls College - Kandy
7Jayathunga Theuni DamdiniSRI0Viharamahadevi Girls College - kand
8Jayawardena Ranudi TharinyaSRI0Good Shepherd Convent - Kandy
9Kothalawala K Imandi Dilshara29907861SRI0Mahamaya'Girls College - kandy
10Merulasha A9994114SRI0Girls High School - Kandy
11Merulashini A9994122SRI0Girls High School - Kandy
12Perera Amandi Chathunika29920914SRI0Good Shepherd Convent - Kandy
13Perera Shineli Dilnethmi9946969SRI0Good Shepherd Convent - Kandy
14Rajapaksha Nethmi DhananjanaSRI0S W R D Bandaranayake National Coll
15Rajapaksha Nethmi DhananjanaSRI0S W R D Bandaranayake National Coll
16Sutharshan Shasrutha29925150SRI0Girls High School - Kandy
17Thathsarani H V VenuriSRI0Viharamahadevi Girls College - kand
18Wimalasiri Kavishi AmashaSRI0Viharamahadevi Girls College - kand
19Yapa Bandara SethmiSRI0Girls High School - Kandy
20Fernanado C RSRI0Girls High School - Kandy