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Kandy District National Youth Blitz Chess Championship - 2018 Under 12 Boys (2006/2007)

Last update 14.09.2018 18:26:19, Creator/Last Upload: l.v.mudalige

Starting rank

1Alahakoon K R B29911923SRI0Vidyartha College - Kandy
2Alawaththegama T D BSRI0Ranabima Royal College - kandy
3Aththanayake W A M P SSRI0Vidyartha College - Kandy
4Dassanayake D CSRI0Dharmaraja College - kandy
5Dayarathne K R9996281SRI0Dharmaraja College - kandy
6Galhena G K D Oshada Naveen29925290SRI0Kurunduwatte Royal College - Gampol
7Gunarathne Sanuka SSRI0Dharmaraja College - kandy
8Herath H M Oshada BSRI0Vidyartha College - Kandy
9Karunarathne Sanuka LajithSRI0Spring Field International College
10Marasinghe Kavishka NethsaraSRI0Vidyartha College - Kandy
11Niroshan JanithSRI0Vidyartha College - Kandy
12Pragatheeesh S S29905958SRI0Hindu National College - Matale
13Rajapaksha Indira BhoopathiSRI0Kingswood College - kandy
14Ranasinghe Nisal NirmithaSRI0Vidyartha College - Kandy
15Samarakoon A W S N29923182SRI0Vidyartha College - Kandy
16Sugidharan K29906156SRI0Hindu National College - Matale
17Sumanarathne Theviru29923344SRI0St. Sylvesters College - Kandy
18Wijesinghe HirushanSRI0Vidyartha College - Kandy
19Wijesundara W M J C BSRI0Dharmaraja College - kandy
20Aththanayake MSRI0Trinity College - kandy
21Jayaseelan RaahulSRI0Green Hill International College -
22Kamburugamuwa Bihandu9993940SRI0Trinity College - kandy
23Thalagahawatte PawanSRI0Trinity College - kandy
24Alahakoon A M C M Bandara9976302SRI0S W R D Bandaranayake National Coll
25Aththanayake MevinduSRI0Trinity College - kandy