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National Youth Rapid Chess Championship - 2018 (Kandy Event) Under 14 Girls (2004/2005)

Last update 15.09.2018 17:21:05, Creator/Last Upload: l.v.mudalige

Starting rank

1Eakanayake B K G W SSRI0Pushpadana Girls College - Kandy
2Eriyagama SewminiSRI0
3Harishchandra WaruniSRI0Mahamaya Girls College - Kandy
4Kiriella UdaraSRI0Mahamaya Girls College - Kandy
5Kumarasinghe A G M N HSRI0Kandy Model School - Polgolla
6Sanjana DishmiSRI0
7Somarathne S KSRI0Swarnamali Girls College - Kandy
8Walisundara Himali DivyanjaliSRI0Viharamahadevi Girls College - kand
9Weerasinghe AshikaSRI0Viharamahadevi Girls College - kand
10Wimalananda G C Paramai Manuja KumariSRI0Gothami Girls College - Kandy