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1st Chiang Mai Open Rapid Chess Championships 2018- Open Under 15 FIDE Rated

Last update 21.10.2018 05:41:20, Creator/Last Upload: sahapol nakvanich

Starting rank

1Chaiongkarn Bunyapon6204813THA1521
2Sorncharoensap Poramet6203779THA1479
3Singsomroj Sornsawan6204767THA1445
4Chaipa Kanyanut6203701THA1428
5Saokham Siwabannakorn6204953THA1316
6Wongsariyawanich Saran6209114THA1112
7Ngamdeethae Wimutti6209300THA1030
8Kamwangsawat Sarun6210643THA0
9Thamkankang Natchanan6208690THA0
10Thamkankang Natchanon6208703THA0