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Dasara Chess Championship 2018 | U11 Open

Last update 13.10.2018 08:53:19, Creator/Last Upload: ukcachess

Starting rank

1Aryan Surya S AIND1352
2Akarsha KishoreIND0
4Ashvath Ram RIND0
5Avyukth HIND0
6Karthik RIND0
7Krishna RIND0
8Gagan BIND0
9Krithik RIND0
10Mohammed UmaizIND0
11Omkar P IIND0
12Omkaresh S GIND0
13Pradhyum PradhyunIND0
14Rishabh SIND0
15Rishith S GowdaIND0
16Rohit S VIND0
17Samarth S GowdaIND0
18Shreyas HIND0
19Samith HegdeIND0
21Thanmai M SIND0