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XV Escolar de Calvia sub-16

Last update 13.10.2018 01:00:26, Creator: spanish chess federation (licence 524),Last Upload: juan a. torrens

Starting rank

1Amengual Perello Jordi24571920ESP1999Mallorca Isolani
2Aguado Doncel Pablo Luis24538256ESP1839Mallorca Isolani
3Aasen Fredrik1539060NOR1724Haukas Sjakklubb
4Johannessen Heine N1542486NOR1566Haukas Sjakklubb
5Altarriba Sampedro Lorien24510068ESP1536Mallorca Isolani
6Luquin Fajardo Aimar32051921ESP1526Mallorca isolani
7Trave De Gonzalo Guiem24538264ESP1464Mallorca isolani
8Garcia Adell Ivan24515639ESP1448La Balanguera
9Canyelles Sureda Joan24516813ESP1391La Balanguera
10Johannessen Theo N1542478NOR1390Haukas Sjakklubb
11Payeras Vilella Pedro24560219ESP1343La Balanguera
12Tomas Viver Marta24555371ESP1213Blau Escacs
13Pico Ruiz Joan Marc54529425ESP1136Mallorca Isolani
14Tomas Viver Antoni24555363ESP1110Blau Escacs
15Fernandez Martinez Hugo54529174ESP0Vuit Peons