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Chess Masters Vienna 2018

Last update 23.05.2018 23:47:02, Creator: laima domarkaite,Last Upload: herzog

Starting rank list of players

10GMShengelia David13601270AUT2511Sparkasse Jenbach
5GMSimacek Pavel307165CZE2500
6IMGazik Viktor14928752SVK2497
1GMPacher Milan14907445SVK2453Sk Austria Wien
3IMFröwis Georg1618423AUT2451Hohenems
9FMSchwabeneder Florian1626191AUT2446Sv Grieskirchen
8IMBiolek Richard Jr.319996CZE2445
4IMDruska Juraj14915650SVK2434
7FMBlohberger Felix1632051AUT24231. Sk Ottakring
2FMMorgunov Marc1640305AUT2317Tschaturanga